Variegated Winter Daphne

Variegated Winter Daphne. Exceptional green and yellow variegated foliage look fantastic with a profuse display of fragrant dark pink blooms. It has rounded shape, and is often used as foundation shrub.

Variegated Winter Daphne - 2 Gallon Container – Lots Of Plants
Variegated Winter Daphne – 2 Gallon Container – Lots Of Plants from

Best in afternoon shade, protected from cold winter winds. The pink flower buds open to pinkish white blossoms in spring. Extremely attractive to pollinators, this evergreen shrub features deep green foliage variegated with thin, yellow margins.

Winter Daphne Shrub Can Be Grown From Seeds Removed From Fruits.

Variegated winter daphne flowering shrub is ideal for foundation plantings. Does best in fast draining soils. A stellar little evergreen shrub that is drought tolerant once established.

Each Leaf Has A Thin Deep Green Stripe Down The Center.

These plants can also be grown from small greenwood or semi. The highly fragrant blooms are crystalline white. Sweet smelling daphne odora 'aureomarginata' is a moderate grower with a mounding habit.

It Grows To About 4 Feet Tall.

Maejima delivers way more of the yellow margin on the leaves than seen on your more standard variegated winter daphne. Best in afternoon shade, protected from cold winter winds. There are several main categories of daphne shrubs, including:

This Evergreen Shrub Grows To 4 Foot In Height And 6 Foot In Width.

Long used as a northwest evergreen shrub, variegated winter daphne is often called fragrant daphne for the wonderful sweet scent that the flowers exude from march through may. Tight clusters of pink, highly fragrant flowers bloom heaviest from late winter to early spring. This species and its cultivars have the most powerful fragrance.

Seeds That Don’t Germinate In Their First Spring Can Be Left For The Following Spring To Germinate.

Botanically called daphne odora, pink buds emerge in february to march, becoming clusters of fragrant, tubular blooms. This shrub grows to 4 feet tall and wide with variegated foliage in a rounded form. Plant in partial or filtered sunlight.

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