Native Daphne Plant

Native Daphne Plant. Part of the thymelaeceae botanical family, plants grow as either deciduous shrubs or evergreen shrubs. Their family is made up of over 70 varieties.

Pittosporum Undulatum - Native Daphne, Sweet Pittosporum | Flickr
Pittosporum Undulatum – Native Daphne, Sweet Pittosporum | Flickr from

Daphnes are a wonderful group of fragrant, flowering shrubs that are native to north america, europe and asia. Before planting daphne, dig the soil over well and add in plenty of compost and weathered manure. This should help improve the health of your daphne plant.

On A Shrub Such As Daphne, You Can Lightly Spray Horticulture Oil On.

A tall shrub or small tree to about 12m (40′) tall. It can flourish for years and then die without warning. And, yes, it is a weed.

Fragrant Daphne’s Can Be Challenging Shrubs To Grow And Do Need The Right Growing Conditions.

However, all parts of the plant are highly toxic if eaten, and contact with the sap can cause skin irritation in some people. Plant it near the back of a border where its unsightly habit is hidden but the wonderful fragrance can be enjoyed. This should help improve the health of your daphne plant.

So, Eliminate Any Ants Nearby.

The flower buds develop in the fall on the current year's growth. This is an exceedingly hardy shrub that flowers on the previous year’s wood. Not all australian native plants are worth growing.

All Are Hardy In Most Parts Of The Country;

Four feet (1 m.) tall with narrow, glossy leaves, it is the type most likely to. These plants are native to places like north africa, europe, and asia, though they have become naturalized in temperate regions all over the world. It can sometimes display unpredictable behavior:

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If You Do Not Wish To Shift The Daphne To A New Site, Apply Regular Side Dressings Of A Good Quality Acid Fertiliser Such As Daltons Premium Acid Fertiliser In The Early Summer Months, In Combination With Applications Of Compost.

Daphne odora (winter daphne) is an evergreen shrub with perhaps the most strongly scented flowers of all daphnes, as its species name suggests. The small, white, highly fragrant flowers occur in spring and early summer. It will not tolerate lime or alkaline soil at all.

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