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Daphne Plant Princess. On a shrub such as daphne, you can lightly spray horticulture oil on. A little bit about daphne perfume princess.

Daphne 'Perfume Princess' Plants | Thompson & Morgan
Daphne 'Perfume Princess' Plants | Thompson & Morgan from www.thompson-morgan.com

Daphne perfume princess is a stunning evergreen perennial shrub which is the longest flowering varieties bred and one of the earliest to flower. The profusion of very large flower clusters with deep pink buds open in progression to blush pink, highly fragrant blooms with soft citrus undertones and age to white. If your soil is heavy clay, try a raised bed filled with plenty of garden compost and leaf mould.

Offers A Progression Of Large Blooms Along The Stem Making It A.

Guaranteed garden worthy bulbs, plants and perennials. Particularly prized are those that waft their heady scent across the garden in late winter or early spring, when little else dares to bloom. Mulch after planting, leaf mould or fine bark is ideal.

It Is A Hybrid Of Two Daphne Species And Displays Typical Hybrid Vigour (Improved Growth Etc).

There are many species, for sun or shade, so there are choices to suit most locations. Available to order from autumn. Make sure the mulch remains moist, and make sure the shrub gets at least 1 inch of water per week through rainfall.

Resist The Urge To Plant Around The Base And Keep Free.

It also has the capacity to flower down the stem when. This is not just an ordinary daphne! Daphne care begins with planting, try not to disturb the roots and do not tease out like you would with other shrubs.

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The Plant Maintains A Dense Upright Bush Shape With Glossy Green Pointed Leaves.

Exquisitely scented, bursting with big blooms and a breeze to care for. Large clusters of highly perfumed pale pink flowers appear along the stems in the anytime from january until march. Daphne ‘perfume princess’ is a reasonably recent addition to daphne varieties that are available in garden centres.

Unfortunately, In October One Of The Plants Drooped Badly.

Plant uses scent, container plant, cottage garden, attract beneficial insects. It’s easy to see why daphne perfume princess was crowned 2016’s plant of the year. It’ll grow in any soil but prefers soils that are slightly acid and free draining.

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